A pilot energy efficient intermittent kiln, with the following performance:

  • 45 % lower energy consumption and combustion emissions (CO2) than state-of-the-art intermittent kilns
  • equal qualitative performance and flexibility than state-of-the-art intermittent kilns

4,220 sanitary-ware and 30,000 tableware pieces produced with the ECONOMICK kiln, with equal quality to those normally produced by the collaborating companies

Effective environmental benefits thanks to reduced methane consumption and reduced emissions of NOx, HF and Dust

Broad international awareness on the newly available kiln, by open day/seminar for sanitary ware manufactures, national and international conferences, awareness-raising initiatives at international fairs and several communication tools


4 networking workshops to strengthen collaboration opportunities

An environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a Life-cycle-costing and a Social LCA report, with conclusions and recommendations

A set of business cases and a sound business plan for putting the innovation onto the market